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I.C.H Consulting will uncover the success you desire and give you  increased  confidence as you reach your goals. 

Check out what our clients have to say about their I.C.H experience 

"I just booked my first national commercial - 

A Weight Watchers Spot with Jennifer Hudson. 

It was my first SAG job! What an amazing shoot..."       


"I.C.H helped change my thinking about a lot of things that I thought were rules, and gave me actionable steps to follow. Within a month of our first consultation I booked 3 shows, and was feeling so open and unburdened in auditions.  

It's like having a life-coach, acting teacher, and business consultant all in one - and extremely affordable. "
Kelechi Ezie
UPDATE: Currently on the 1st Broadway National Tour of The Book of Mormon!

"The principles work!! Aspire, apply, and get ready for the activation!!"

"Once I started working with I.C.H work has been consistent and fulfilling...and now I get the chance to go to the Virgin Islands and do what I love."

Lamar K. Cheston  

"I am now approaching casting directors 

with confidence."

"Working with I.C.H has been an amazing process. 

I highly recommend working with Wayne, he knows the business of show business and is a talented and warm human being; he will show you how to steer your ship to success."

M. Sanchez

Actress and Voice over Talent



I.C.H service is greatly helping me take my career to the next level. 

During the time I have been working with them, I have already met many of my short term goals. 

Their genuine concern for clients makes them a strong motivating force and a true pleasure to work with him.

Vesta Walker- NY Actor/Singer :envisionvesta.com 

 Just follow the blue print!

Hey! Since our conversation I got picked up by 2 top notch agents one For film/TV stuff and the other for V.O.

Kinetic energy is what I call that!!

Ant Grant 
Actor/recording artist
Canadian client

Appeared as Damon Dash in the LIFETIME Aaliyah biopic, 

Booked several Canadian Commercials & Voice Overs!

*Canadian client 

Found representation and working with I.C.H 

"Before working with I.C.H consulting I had not heard from my agent for 2 ½ years NO auditions or go sees NONE!    


Following the I.C.H action plan, the success principals and taking their advice things started to pop and I am seeing RESULTS!!! 

I've gone from only being a model to booking my first commercial and under 5 in a feature. This is No joke!!!!!

Ajaye' Brewington-  NY Model/Aspiring Actor/Fitness Trainer: 
New York client

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